Venice Archives and Area Historical Collection
1939 KMI Uniforms
SUMMARY OF COST: 1932-1933

Fixed charges   $850.00
              Uniform  100.00
                   Total  $950.00

Fixed charges include tuition and admission to lectures; room; board; laundry (22 pieces per week); bugle instruction; medical care at school; athletic coaching, uniforms, equipment and the use of the grounds and gymnasium; and admission to all athletic games played on the school grounds.

Uniform includes:
1 English style coat or blouse
1 pair straight trousers
2 pair fatigue breeches
3 gray shirts
1 pershing style cap
1 trench coat
1 pair black regulation shoes
1 pair black leather puttees
1 regulation sweater
2 black neckties
1 black leather belt with KMI buckle
2 pair white duck trousers
2 pair white gloves
white belting and buckles

1 military overcoat, $30.00

Allowance:  $1.50 per week provided by parent

Source: 1932-33 KMI Catalog

             Fixed Costs: $1,300.00
            Uniform costs: $185.00
Total cost per year:  $1,485.00
1951 style uniforms...
Venice Archives and Area Historical Collection

Old "West Point" style uniforms....
Venice Archives and Area Historical Collection

1944 era uniform
Tommy R. Young Collection

1944 era hat
Tommy R. Young Collection

Venice Archives and Area Historical Collection

"New style" KMI uniforms

1952 era uniform
Roger Carson '52

1959 era uniforms
Tommy R. Young Collection

Tommy R. Young Collection
1959 era Wool Jacket & Pants
photograph by John Stork,KMI '69

(San Marco Building Historical Display)
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