1861 Pre War KMI uniform

Everyone has that one impression they do that no one else does. It’s just special to them. Here is mine Cadet of the Kentucky military Institute (KMI) in 1861. The only known example of a pre war KMI uniform known to exist in the world is in the Civil War Museum in Bardstown KY

One eyed historian, u/Oneeyehistory

We were not able to 100% pinpoint the color of the uniform. Some said it was a gray similar to Westpoint. Some said it was a green or blue. Based on my opinion, as well as my friend who helped me pieces together, and a few others, it looks to us like it was a green, however, due to cheap dye, faded to gray overtime. Cadets wore mainly two types of hats at the Institute a shako based off a French design for more dress occasions, and for more every day use a wheel hat shown in the photo much like the ones worn in the Mexican American war. For an accouterments, basic white buff leather with a buckle that is stamped KMI. For trousers, you would have either saw sky blue, such as shown here or white undershirts also varied I have a civilian style undershirt in this picture however, more likely you would’ve seen issued shirts like the army. Weaponry would’ve also varied mostly would’ve seen 1842 style Springfield, muskets and greater on 1861s. However in the photo I have an original 1854 Austrian Lorenze rifle dated to 1858. Thank you for reading. This impression is one that took extensive years of research to put together and we are very happy with how it came out. My older, brother/best friend originally started it and then I took it over within the past year and a half. Several buttons are missing from the coat itself. I have some to replace them just at the time this photo was taken. I had not got around to it yet. The buttons are basic Kentucky state dome style buttons.

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