Varsity Golf Team
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1962 Varsity team
Coach -  Capt. C. A Hodgin
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1961 Varsity team
Coach -  Capt. C. A Hodgin
1962 Practice Golf Courses:
Lake Venice Golf Course in Florida
Owl Creek Golf Course in Kentucky
1961 Florida Results:
Wins: Riverside, Ft. Lauderdale, Riverview, Manatee
Losses:  Sarasota (twice), Ft. Myers (twice), St. Petersburg, Sr. H.S.
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1960 Varsity team
Coach -  Capt. C. A Hodgin
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1960 Florida Results:
  • KMI vs. Manatee  (10 to 8)
  • KMI vs. Jesuit  (14 1/2 to 3 1/2)
  • KMI vs. Ft. Myers  (Lost)
  • Three-way meet with Clear Water and 

  • Plant H.S.  (came in third)
1947 Schedule:
  • KMI vs. New Albany at Crescent Hill 
  • KMI vs. Anchorage at Owl Creek
  • KMI vs. Manual at Seneca
  • KMI vs. Male at Crescent Hill
  • KMI vs. St. Xavier at Crescent Hill
  • KMI vs. Flaget at Shawnee

                             1956 - STATE CHAMPION

                            1935 - STATE CHAMPION

                           1962 - State 3rd place
                           1952 - State 3rd place
                           1955 - State 4th place
                           1951 - State 4th place
                           1953 - State 6th place
                           1954 - State 7th place
                           1958 - State 9th place

                           1962 - SEVENTH REGION CHAMPION
                           1956 - SEVENTH REGION CHAMPION
                           1953 - Seventh Region Runner-Up

                           1969 - East Jefferson County Regional, 4th place
                           1970 - East Jefferson County Regional, 9th place
                           1971 - East Jefferson County Regional, 10th place
                           1967 - East Jefferson County Regional, 10th place
(minimum top fifty finish)

                           1961 - TOM PARKHILL, STATE CHAMPION
                           1956 - GEORGE STIGGER, STATE CHAMPION
                           1955 - GEORGE STIGGER, STATE CHAMPION
                           1936 - JIM BURKHOLDER, STATE CHAMPION

                           1956 -  RONNIE HOWELL, STATE RUNNER-UP
                           1952 - EMBREY ABELL, STATE RUNNER-UP

                                1951 - Mickey Cannon        State 3rd place
                                1962 - Pat Danahy        State 5th place
                                1953 - Joe Scales        State 6th place
                                1951 - Herman Hall        State 6th place
                                1954 - George Stigger        State 8th place
                                1952 - Joe Scales State         11th  place
                                1962 - Bruce McDermett         State 14th place
                                1956 -Dave Pedley        State 14th place
                                1951 -John Y. Brown, Jr.        State 14th place
                                1958 -Combs              State 16th place
                                1955 -Dave Pedley        State 16th place
                                1961 -Dave Johnson       State 20th' place
                                1953 -Bill Beam          State 22nd place
                                1956 -Dick Canon         State 24th place
                                1962 -Joe Rogers         State 27th place
                                1954 -Charles Hudgins    State 29h place
                                1952 -Bill Beam          State 30th place
                                1958 -Rodriguez          State 31st place
                                1971 -Brent Rice         State 32nd place
                                1956 -MacDade            State 34th place
                                1955 -John Haner         State 35th place
                                1954 -Robert Cross       State 38th place (tie)
                                1954 -Dave Pedley        State 38th place (tie)
                                1958 -Waterworth         State 40th place
                                1953 -Richard Hutson     State 40th place
                                1954 -Bill Beam          State 44th place
                                1955 -John Hill          State 45th place
                                1952 -Charles Hudgins    State 47th place
                                1953 -George Stigger     State 49th place
                                1955 -Tom Craft          State 50th place
                                1969 -John Richmond      State Qualifier
                                1968 -Chip Howell        State Qualifier
                                1966 -Corky Kleinedler   State Qualifier
                                1962 -Tim Whiteway       State Qualifier
                                1961 -Kip Groce          State Qualifier
                                1958 -McCord             State Qualifier
                                1951 -Bill Buckner       State QualifierKMI '1 RACK AND FIELD

1954 -Team Captain, Bill Beam  
1946 -Vinton, Most Valuable Golfer
[Researched by KCD students]

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