The Student Council was in charge of enforcing the KMI "Honor Code".  The Administration delegated to the Student Council (in most cases) the authority to set penalities against fellow cadets for various infractions of the "Honor Code".

"I will not lie, cheat, or steal, ...."


K.M.I. Honor Code
"On my honor as a K.M.I. cadet
I have not given nor received aid on this examination."

1961 Student Council

1962 Student Council

1960 Student Council

(1947 SABER Yearbook)

In some circles, the Student Council was
know as the "Sinister Seven".  (or eight!)

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1947 Student Council

The "K" Club
The "K" club was made up of all those cadets who had lettered on a athletic team.

The "K" Club
This exclusive club also held several dances during the school year.
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