"Military Awards"

(Awards varied from commencement to commencement depending on funding from the Alumni Association, Alumni, and patrons of KMI.)

ALUMNI TROPHY FOR THE BEST COMPANY in the Corps of Cadets.  These award was based on an evaluation of drill, athletics, scholarship, conduct and general school activities, the designation of "BEST COMPANY" reflects loyalty, enthusiasm, discipline, military bearing, precession and team work necessary to weld a group of cadets into an efficient and effective unit.  All members of the Company and especially the Company Commander were to be highly commended for their fine performance during the year.  Each member of the Company was authorized to wear a gold shoulder cord.

BEST DRILLED PLATOON INSIGNIA was given to the members of the best platoon in the Corps.  This was based on ratings earned in company competitions during the year.  Members of the platoon were authorized to wear a gold shoulder loop.

BEST DRILLED SOUAD PATCHES were awarded to cadets in the squad winning the annual squad drill competition.  



MILITARY DEPARTMENT TROPHIES were given by the Professor of Military Science and Tactics to the outstanding commissioned officer and to the outstanding non-commissioned officer in the Corps.  This was based on superior proficiency in performances of military duties, military bearing, and leadership.

BEST DRILLED CADET TROPHY was presented by the American Legion, Zachary Taylor Post 180 to the cadet who was the winner in the annual drill competition.

JUNIOR SCHOOL BEST DRILL CADET CUP -This cup was given to the winner of the Junior School best drilled Cadet Competition.

UNGERLEIDER TROPHY was presented by Hugh Ungerleider, Class of 1943, Louisville, Kentucky, to the cadet judged to be the neatest during the school year.

RESERVED OFFICERS’ ASSOCIATION MEDIAL was made possible by the Louisville Chapter of the Reserve Officers’ Association to the Cadet having achieved the highest academic average in the senior basic course of the R.O.T.C. program of the school.

ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY R.O.T.C. MEDAL for the academic year was awarded to the Cadet who was selected from those enrolled in MST 3 who had contributed the most, through leadership, to advancing the standing of the R.O.T.C. unit and the Military Department of the Kentucky Military Institute.

DISTINGUISHED MILITARY BAR awarded to the top ten per cent of the R.O.T.C  students within each academic year, based on grades earned in Military Science and Tactics

MERIT BARS AND GOOD CONDUCT BARS were awarded to Cadets who had an outstanding record of conduct during each school semester.

MILITARY PROFICIENCY BARS were given for winning a “Best Drilled” or “Neatest Cadet” award during a school semester.

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