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Tommy R. Young Collection

Tommy R. Young Collection

Saved from the trash by David C. BUHNER "Class of"1957 
Tommy R. Young Collection
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Plate made by Vernon Kilns, who made souvenir pottery, art pottery and dinnerware from the mid 1930s to the mid 1950s.

(Inscription on back of plate)

Frank Lively collection
John Stork '69
John Stork '69

Jim Flora Collection

1959 KMI Pennant
Tommy R. Young Collection

1944 KMI Pennant
Tommy R. Young Collection

John E. Davis, III Collection
It’s felt and about 16 inches in diameter.
  It was my father’s and I had it on my bedroom wall as a child.

KMI blue blanket
"Kenucadet" with "The Sentinel Paper" of October 1970
Roger Carson '52
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