Tommy R. Young Collection

Tommy R. Young Collection

Saved from the trash by David C. BUHNER "Class of"1957 
Tommy R. Young Collection
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Plate made by Vernon Kilns, who made souvenir pottery, art pottery and dinnerware from the mid 1930s to the mid 1950s.

(Inscription on back of plate)

Frank Lively collection
John Stork '69
John Stork '69

1921 KMI classring - it belonged to John Minor Ewing
John Minor Ewing's 1921 KMI class ring
Tommy R. Young Collection

Confederate KMI Button



Officer's Pin


1959 KMI Pennant
Tommy R. Young Collection

1944 KMI Pennant
Tommy R. Young Collection

John E. Davis, III Collection
It’s felt and about 16 inches in diameter.
  It was my father’s and I had it on my bedroom wall as a child.

Gerry Brinker Collection

KMI blue blanket
"Kenucadet" with "The Sentinel Paper" of October 1970
Roger Carson '52
I picked up this item from e-bay.  The size of the silver colored star is almost one inch across - star point to star point.  Blue is one of the colors of KMI. The seller stated it was a KMI  DI insignia.

Have you ever seen anything like this?  I hope it is KMI material.

Thank you for any info you may run across.

William V. Brand
Military department  1963 - 1966 

Sunday, August 15, 2004 


Although I did not attend KMI, several of my cronies did.  They all turned out to be splendid people; their time there was well spent.

To the point.  A friend came across a golden cast iron statue of a military figure about 6” in height.  On a strap that runs diagonally across its chest is the word CADET, and on the front of the base is the word LOUISVILLE.  On the rear of the base are the numbers 8 14 74.

The figure also sports a short billed cap with chin strap and a plume of sorts in the top front.  He is standing at attention.

Do you know if KMI ever put out such a figure?  I have been unable to turn up any evidence of any other military school locally, and in the 1970’s there was no KMI and iron castings had been replaced by trophy replicas.

Thanks for any help;


Eddie Gilmore
Eastern High School
Class of ‘64

Mystery solved - was in Louisville at the flea market yesterday - saw an example of the figure that is described here.  The banner at the bottom also has and I and H at the end of the banner that says Louisville.  It is a advertising figure put out by International Harvester in honor of its Cadet tractor.

It was an interesting piece - seller wanted $35 for the figure.

Hope this answers the mail.

Tommy Young, KMI '59

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