Faculty & Staff
"1960 - 1962"

Col. Charles B. Richmond
Staff 1925-1968
President of KMI
Lt. Col. Charles.E.Hodgin
Staff 1925-19??

Lt. Col. Nelson C. Hodgin

Capt. William T. Simpson
Director of Admissions

Capt. Wade E. Austin

Lt. Charles M. Avenengo

Captain George M Bales
(Faculty 1948-1966)

Capt. Alan H. Bates

Capt. Charles E. Blevins

Capt Claude E. Carmack

Capt. John A. Doninger

Capt. Chester H. Edwards

Lt. Col. Wm. Perry Groseclose
(Faculty 1944-19??)

Major Bernard A Hewes
(Faculty 1941-1973)
History & French  Instructor

Capt. Charles A. Hodgins

Capt. Lucian W. Hope

Capt. Donald L. Lewis
(Faculty 1958-1961)
Algebra Instructor

Lt. Col. Samuel B. Marshall
(Faculty 1926-19??)
Mathematics Instructor

Capt. Richard T. Martin

Capt. Yandell H. Martin
(Faculty 1961-1964)

Capt. G. Lane McCroskey

Capt. Charles M. Norman
(Faculty 1949-1961)
English Instructor
Band director

Major John E. Pace
(Faculty 1936-1963)
Football Coach, 

Capt. William T Ragle
Spanish Instructor

Capt. William S. Richmond

Capt. Robert E. Sobolewski

Capt. J. Larry Steed

Lt. Col. Bartley G. Williams
(Faculty 1933-19??)

Lt. Hershall Murrey

Major Owen Pillians
Staff 1942-1957
(We need pictures of staff)
(from earlier years.)

Capt. Thomas F. Fallon
U.S. Army

Capt. William W. Davidson
Professor of Military Science

M/Sgt. George E. Becker
Armory and P.T.

Sgt. Ferguson

Sgt. Hawkins

SFC John T. Gross

Mrs. O.O. Pillans

Miss Mary Reichspfarr
Cashier and Social Secretary

Norman Kapfhammer
Quarter Master

Mrs. M. Frances Spear

Tom Jerry Smith, M.D.
School Physician

Miss Evelyn Fowler, R.N.
School Nurse

Mrs. W. P. Grossclose

Mrs. C. E Carmack

Mrs. Bartley G. Williams

Mrs. C. M. Norman
Librarian 1960

Mrs. Avenengo
Librarian 1961

Mrs. Juanita Martin
Librarian 1962

Miss Mclinn
Asst. Dietitian

Mrs. Jane Keyser

Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Scoggins

 Manager of the "Dug-out"

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