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To: Leon Hirsh, "68

Dear Leon,

Thank you for including me in the KMI-KA events.  At age 93, I am a bit too 
old to participate actively in them, but I salute and offer a big smile in 
participation.  I retired at age 77, but I enjoy remembrances.  I was in my 20s 
when I put in those early years at KMI.  I was proud of them for they taught me 
things too.  It may please you to know that I ranked fifth in the entire state 
of Illinois a few years ago.  Students help make a teacher of worth.
Have a wonderful Homecoming and glorious years ahead.

Regards to all...........
Lockwood E. Wiley
(Wiley taught music and directed the band at KMI in 1935,36,and 37)

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