During its 126-year history, through the administrations of 13 superintendents, the Kentucky Military Institute enrolled and educated approximately 12,000 young men and boy cadets. About 200 of this number were from foreign countries, the United States possessions and territories. Most of their voices have been long-silenced. Those who confronted and upheld in conscious pursuit or suffered the causes of freedom and honor at the risk of life; those who were determined to defend or to fight for some national purpose in peace or war, and those who persevered to hold steadfast the tenets of faith, loyalty and truth, with no mental reservation or purpose of evasion have left their scars on a misty epitaph for the ages. With the passage of time, present generations witnessed not their deeds, their accomplishments, their flaws and weaknesses. But should the echoes of their past become muted without reflection, all memorable contributions and personal benefactions are ash... and only their spirit remains. 

James D. Stephens 
KMI class of 1933 

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