"Alma Mater Song of KMI"

K.M.I., our Alma  Mater
Where the fair Ohio flows,
Or beside the warm Gulf water
While the northern tempest blows.
We shall ever dearly love thee,
Raise our voices in thy praise:
K.M.I., there's none above thee,
None shall ever dim thy lustrous rays.

Fondly shall we all remember
Days we spent upon this scene;
Every heart shall bear an ember
That will keep thy memory green.
Alma Mater we salute thee
As we say our last goodbye;
We shall ever cherish mutely
All the bonds we have with K.M.I..
Farewell, K.M.I.

Words and Music by Captain Albert D. Stutzenberger
(KMI Instructor in English and Modern Languages)
Contributed by Bernard Dahlem, KMI '46

(sung to the tune of the Cornell Alma Mater, i.e. Far above Cayugas water...)

Alma Mater Chimes in .WAV format(497K)
Alma Mater Chimes in .AU format(249K)

The following pieces, which can be downloaded in .au or .wav format, are from The Cornell Chimes Collection, a recording of songs by the Cornell Chimesmasters in 1979 and 1987

K.M.I. "Alma Mater"

K.M.I., our hearts to thee
We lift, in this our song;
Ivy'd walls and columned halls
Have been our home for long.
We are proud we have been
part of the passing show,
And we hope to leave our mark
Before it's time to go.

Side by side,  we've shouted
Loud and Long for dear Old Blue,
Honor, strength, and fellowship,
We gained them all for you.
New men come,  old men go---
The pattern's here to stay;
And when we leave to join life's stream,
Forget us not we pray.

Archived by Frank Lively, KMI '63
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