Eau Gallie
1906 - 1924
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Col. Charles Fowler, who purchased the school in 1894,  believed that outdoor recreation in the Florida climate would be a great benefit to students in their scholastic work. He established winter quarters in Eau Gallie (now Melbourne, FL) in 1906.  This began the annual trip to Florida for the winter session.

Source - Stephens, Reflections


Contributed by the William O Gex Family (04/15/2010)
Source - 1961 Saber

View of Faculty quarters, Cottages, and classrooms.
Source - 1961 Saber

Source - 1961 Saber

The Barracks at Eau Gallie, FL.
Barracks, Eau Gallie, FL.  1917
(1917)   Former DuNil Hotel (KMI barracks)
Source - Stephens, Reflections
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Tent city after the fire - 1920
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        Cadet battalion formation in tent city - 1920

Eau Gallie(Melbourne) Beach - 1909

Eau Gallie train station
Source - Stephens, Reflections
Melbourne-Eau Gallie Florida historical collection
Ann Raley Flotte, Melbourne Florida
[Historian and author of local Melbourne history as well as a collector.]

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