Archivist Search Tools: By Frank Lively KMI ‘ 63 (for help)  has been my backbone “people search” engine for several years, and the place I start to find long lost friends & KMI Alumnus.  A middle initial from Saber Yearbook, excludes excessive returned results.  Do not enter a State on the first try, for unusual names.
Intelius lists last name, first name and middle initial possibilities, with many ages and wife’s names.
The State restriction is the only limiting factor with Intelius and this is very productive for unusual names.  For more common names, hometown listings from yearbooks sometimes, is all you need to find what the city & state you are looking for.  Many KMI’s returned to their hometowns or father’s businesses after collage.  Another place to look for retirees, is in Florida, especially around Venice.  I wonder why?  Although the real estate prices are pretty high around, what is now known as the “Isle of Venice”, since a canal has been dredged between the train station and our KMI winter campus.
You do not have to buy information, if you use multiple web sites!!
Search results are teasers to get you to buy information, based on credit applications for mortgages, criminal records and magazine subscriptions. Individuals seldom lie about their age, when applying for a mortgage.  The home office bank is not necessarily located in the same community as where the suspect lives.  Many wives names are tied to credit on mortgages and can provide leads to phone numbers, if your friend is deceased.  Also try searching by initial or initials and last name. adds age, city and state parameters or volume eliminators. 
However wives names are not produced in this search engine. 
Age guess is required for search, but search engine ignores the age requirement for most searches and produce more restricted results if you enter the State. 
Once you have the city and state, many searches for street address and phone numbers can be used.

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